Thursday, April 12, 2012

Time Traveling Robots in Space #28 - Less Uncrappy

Syfy's Rewind gets more cast, a robot with muscles and Vegas could have had a life sized Enterprise.

On this episode we talk about…

*  The first trailer for the time travel mob movie Looper.
* The recent cast additions to Syfy’s Rewind.

* Jim Henson’s recently unearthed 1963 short film Robot.

* DARPA’s contest to come up with a bipedal robot.

*  A robot with muscles, joints and tendons.

* The scrapped plan to build a life sized starship Enterprise in Las Vegas.

* And  intelligent space dinosaurs!

Plus, our recommendations…  Stargate SG-1 pilot episode Children of the Gods and the short-lived TV cult classic Firefly.

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