Thursday, April 19, 2012

Time Traveling Robots #29 - Since Star Wars Is Now Officially Embarrassing

Why Chinese time travel shows are hot, robot prison guards are real and let the asteroid mining begin!

On this episode we talk about…

*  The popularity of Chinese time travel dramas.

* Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s love for Looper and it’s director.

* David, the android from Prometheus, starring in the movie’s latest viral video.

* The government’s possible use of miniature insect robots for protest surveillance.

*  Robot prison guards that are being tested in South Korea.

* 53 reasons why we need a new Star Trek TV series.

* Billionaires using their money to fund asteroid mining.

* And a story we were too scared to talk about.

Plus, our recommendations…  The Quantum Leap pilot episode Genesis and the book 1984.

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