Sunday, October 27, 2013

Time Traveling Robots in Space #68 - Poo-Pourri

On Time Traveling Robots in Space #68...A record number of days in space revealed.  Should fully autonomous robots be given guns?  Who's getting ready to blast an asteroid.  Plus, our picks and the question of the week.

*Cosmonaut become worlds ‘longest’ time-traveler

* Japan has a space cannon

* Our pick; Dr. Wasserman's Time Chamber: Preventing Armageddon

* Our entertainment pick;

All of the evidence that time-travel exists

Doomsday Book

* And the question of the week...
If you were given the power to time-travel, but each time you jumped through time you ended up 10 feet above the ground once you got to your destination only to eventually fall. Would you do it? Why?

* Poo-Pourri