Friday, September 27, 2013

Time Traveling Robots in Space #65 - What Are Roly-Polies

On Time Traveling Robots in Space #65...Real science to celebrate Doctor Who's 50th.   What are fully autonomous weapons and who wants to ban them?  Hope about the final frontier returning to the small screen.  Plus, our picks and the question of the week.

* Why Roberto Orci says Star Trek WILL return to TV

* Our pick; Herbert's Wormhole by Peter Nelson

* Our entertainment pick;

Better Off Ted - season 1, episode 2 "Heroes"

Revenge of the Time-Traveling Robots from Outer Space

Plants vs Zombies 2

* And the question of the week...

If you could build a killer robot, in what form would you want it to take? Human, dog, dinosaur, etc and why?

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