Saturday, November 17, 2012

Time Traveling Robots in Space #50 - Star Wars is Back!!

What is the "Looper Effect"?  Who survived hurricane Sandy out at sea?  And we talk at length about the return of Star Wars!

* Details are finally coming out about the new Twilight Zone movie.

* We learn about the floating robot that survived at sea and took readings during hurricane Sandy.

* George Lucas sells Star Wars and his other properties to Disney. Then announce episode 7!

* This week's pick, Star Wars: Heir to the Empire: the Thrawn Trilogy, Book 1

* And, our picks; the film Cloud Atlas, "Marionettes, Inc" one of the short stories from Ray Bradbury's book The Illustrated Man and Fringe: Season 1.

*  Question of the week; Since we talked a lot about Star Wars on this episode, what job would you like to have in that universe and on which side would you want to be?

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